Tag n Play Pals by Taggies

taggies plush puppy

Source: Taggies

The little plush puppy you see in the image above, a Tag n Play Pal by Taggies, is unequivocally my son’s favorite toy. He got it for Christmas from his grandparents, and it has since become his comfort object. He will literally take this with him wherever he goes—picture him crawling around the entire house, pulling his dog along with him—it’s pretty much the cutest thing EVER. Kai’s beloved Taggies toy has been named “Woofie” in our house (yeah, we aren’t too creative with names), and we are already waiting for the day when Kai can call him by name.


Baby’s perfect companion at home or on-the-go!
This sweet plush puppy is covered with soft fabric and satin tags for your baby to touch and explore. The chime ball in the body makes this new friend sound as cheerful as it looks and feels!

PRICE $28-38


This puppy is so velvety soft and cuddly. He’s got the cutest little expression too. We’ll make Woofie bark, lick Kai’s cheek, and pant like a dog. We have him interact with Kai’s toys, play hide-and-seek with him, “read” to/with him, and generally act silly—we’ll put a bib over his eyes and make him run into things until Kai takes it off, for example. We have Kai’s toys on a constant rotation to help him stay interested in playtime, except for two toys: his stacking blocks and Woofie.

my son playing with his taggies toyI also love that it’s washable. That’s kind of a must for any baby, I’d say. And he washes well, without any matting, so don’t worry if your little one gets banana or spit up or a combination of the two on this toy—I speak from experience, people.

It’s worth mentioning that he’s got a hook that’s perfect for attaching him to a stroller, car seat, play mat, or anything that’s convenient. And Woofie’s eyes, mouth, etc. are embroidered and so he’s perfectly safe for any age (birth and up). Even though Kai didn’t have a Taggies toy until he was 9 months old, he still loves him at 11 months! Ryan and I were a bit worried that we missed having him around for the prime stage when Kai was fascinated by tags. And I do think that he would have absolutely loved this toy as early as three months old. So we were really impressed that he’s not too old for it yet. He loves exploring the silky tags sometimes, but regardless he loves playing with him. It’s a stuffed animal, after all—I may have never grown out of some of mine. 😉


The only thing I can mention here is that this toy has a sweet little jingling bell inside. It’s not loud or annoying in my eyes, but it’s sensitive to any sort of light touch. This means that we won’t be able to put him in Kai’s crib once he hits a year old—it would probably wake him up! So while I think the bell is great for playtime, it doesn’t work for naptime or bedtime. Since it’s designed for birth and up, that isn’t normally a problem. (Babies under a year old should not sleep with a stuffed animal or blankets, pillows, etc. Please take a sec to read about SIDS if you haven’t yet!)

The bell isn’t really an issue, but one real problem is that it appears our sweet little Woofie is becoming a rarity. He’s hard to find online and I’m really worried that Taggies will stop selling him. Check out where to buy below.


★★★★★ 5/5

I LOVE this toy because my son LOVES this toy. It’s safe, soft, engaging, and cuddly. It’s very well made and I bet my son will be loving this toy well beyond a year old!


Amazon has 2 of these left at the time of this posting. TWO! Yikes. You may wanna hurry if you’ve decided to buy him.

Target sells him as part of a Taggies pack that includes a matching blanket, plush ball, and triangle. That’s why the price range I listed goes a little high, but it may be worth the extra $10 if you’re interested in a few other accessories.

I am not affiliated with this company and was not compensated in any way for this review.