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Pajama Jeans

I’m reviewing Pajama Jeans, and I’m not ashamed. They are the first As Seen On TV product I’ve owned. I think the idea is genius—how many of us have a love/hate relationship with sweats? Don’t we all wish we could look a little more put together while in our PJs? My husband is less-than-thrilled about the sweats I am sometimes known to roam the house in, so I decided to ask for Pajama Jeans for Christmas. I have the small size bootcut style in black.


Pajama Jeans are comfy sweats/p.j. style pants designed with a denim look to fool everyone into thinking you’re wearing jeans. They feature high contrast stitching and full functional pockets, a (hidden) drawstring, and are available in sizes X-Small to 3X. Inseams on all sizes are 31″.

Price: $30.00 (or so)



Pajama Jeans have real front and back pockets with rivets—pink on the small front pocket, and brass-colored on the big front and rear pockets. Yes, the pockets are real, and that has been a life-saver for carrying my cell phone. They feature a pretty pink ribbon drawstring on the inside of the waist (so nobody sees this but you). They are definitely comfy and are pretty warm. These pants made me feel better about those days where I’m a little too busy for looking polished and want to be comfy. I can say they are the cutest sweats I’ve owned.

Here’s where and when I’ve worn them:

  • Outside on a walk around my neighborhood
  • As pajama bottoms (of course)
  • Around the house during the day while taking care of my son
  • As exercise/yoga pants
  • At a neighbor’s house for an emergency sleep-over after our furnace broke…

And let me just say, they really do come to the rescue when you are spending the night outside of the house! The night our furnace died, we had to pack up with our baby as quickly as possible, and I knew exactly what I wanted NEEDED to wear. I had no problem with our neighbors seeing me in these—in fact, I bet they were surprised that I looked so together the next day. I’ve never worn them to a store or running errands, but that’s just my preference. I don’t think it would look bad to wear them out and about, particularly if they fit you well. I think they would be perfect if you’re expecting some extended down-time, like after a surgery, or if you’ll be in the house a lot with a baby (that is NOT down-time, just to be clear!). They are great for cozy snow days and long travel days too.



awkward selfies: me in my Pajama Jeans

The fit is the only thing that is keeping me from raving about Pajama Jeans…and even still, I’m really happy with them. It’s just that on me, the fit is a bit baggier than my average pair of jeans and I don’t feel they really qualify as a jeans substitute because of that. But they are cute sweats and will make me feel more dressed than if I slapped on some actual pajama bottoms. And I’m sure that if they were slimmer, they might not be as comfy, so it’s a fine line to walk, and I think Pajama Jeans balance comfort and style well.

I’ve heard that the fit can be a bit finicky, and I can attest to that. My advice is that if you try them, get them from a store with a good return policy, and maybe buy two different sizes just in case. If you’re on the shorter end of the spectrum, be prepared for possible hemming (keep reading).

Length: You’ll notice that the inseam on ALL of the sizes is 31″. Since I’m 5’3″, when I first put them on, there was a puddle of extra fabric around my feet. I didn’t mind springing for a quick tailoring job to have them hemmed since I didn’t buy them myself—and I don’t have a sewing machine or I might attempt these projects on my own. The professional hemming job cost me $12.

Width: On me, the pants are a little bit wider through the thigh than I’d prefer—it’s not BAD by any means, but I’d prefer the leg to be slimmer in the small size. If they were, I’d probably be thrilled with them. They do sell a skinny style, so I’d be curious if that looks a little better on me.

Fabric: The fabric has become just a bit worn-looking, but that’s possibly because I don’t turn them inside out in the wash or hang them to dry. The nice thing is that the wear looks consistent with blue jean fabric and doesn’t give them away, so to speak. I think the color still looks good, but if you want to keep yours in excellent condition, I’d recommend being a bit gentler than I am about washing.


★★★★★ 4/5

I’m giving these four stars—one star is off for the length and fit complaints I’ve read about online. I’m a sucker for a cute pair of lounge pants, and these go the extra mile by making me look more put together than I really am!


You can purchase Pajama Jeans online from the Pajama Jeans websiteAmazon, or Target (among many choices). They are in lots of stores these days too!

I am not affiliated with this company and was not compensated in any way for this review.

The World of Eric Carle: Nesting Blocks by Kids Preferred


Ok, parents. These nesting blocks are the bomb. They are on my list of essentials, even though they are a toy—because babies need stimulation and play in order to learn! But you already knew that. What you may not already know is that these blocks just may give you a cart-attack. They are THAT amazing.

You have probably heard of or already own some of Eric Carle’s top-selling children’s books. We have The Hungry Caterpillar box set, and we get LOTS of use out of it (but that’s a review for another day). These blocks feature Eric Carle’s signature illustration style and characters.


Eric Carle Stacking/Nesting Blocks are a set of 10 paperboard blocks that are open on one side. They can be nested together or stacked (like in the pic above). Each block represents a different animal, color, number, and group of letters. They are illustrated with all the characters from the author’s books so toddlers will recognize their favorite characters too. They are recommended for ages 6 months+.

PRICE: $17-20



my son nesting the blocks

We received these blocks as a Christmas gift for my son, Kai, when he was 9 months old. He’s now almost 11 months, and they are still a go-to for playtime. We usually keep them nested once he’s done playing, and the next time he encounters them, he loves pulling them apart. (His daddy taught him to take them apart at about 9.5 months.) But they do more than that—he also loves to put things inside the boxes, like a small ball or other toy. Kai can re-nest them if we help him pair a smaller box with one that’s a couple of sizes larger so it’s easier for him. He will sometimes put the small boxes inside large toys, like a bowl or his barn. And if we stack them for him, he loves trying to grab one of the boxes as well as knocking them down. We’ve used them to build a “city” and to create a valley for his train to drive through. We’ve created obstacles for other toys to encounter with them by creating stair-steps for his giraffe to climb up, or putting one of them on his stuffed animal’s foot like a shoe or on the head like a hat—he’ll usually smile and pull it off for them. Even though he’s a little young, we use the toys for repetition and teaching him colors, shapes, animals, and numbers.

Are you with me? Off the top of my head, I just listed TEN uses for this toy!

  1. pulling them apart
  2. putting things inside
  3. re-nesting them
  4. placing small boxes inside other toys
  5. knocking down a stack or taking one from the stack
  6. building a city
  7. creating a bridge or valley for vehicles to drive through
  8. stair-steps for other toys to climb
  9. creating shoes and hats for other toys
  10. teaching colors, numbers, etc.

That’s just what he can do with them right now. Eventually he’ll get the hang of stacking them himself, and he’ll probably take on the creative role with them as he gets older. Sometimes the simplest toys really are best! Playing with them was intuitive for him and I think the fact that they are simple makes them a creativity magnet.

They also come in a perfect-sized box with a handle for easy travel. We’ll be taking them with us on our vacation coming up in a month since they are so easy to take along and will help him stay entertained.

And I’ve heard that these blocks keep a toddler’s interest and we’ll get LOTS more use out of them, from months to years from now!


I bet you’re wondering one thing: Will they hold up to baby drool/biting?


On the left: the joys of teething! On the right: the damaged block holding up pretty well.

My short answer is yes. But here’s the longer answer…Kai went through a phase where he would only want to use these to bite. He’d grab one and start grating it with his lower teeth. On one of them, he started scraping away the coating in one small spot—luckily I was right there to make sure it didn’t come loose and end up in his mouth (see pic). We put the blocks away for about a week, and would occasionally test it out to see if that was still what he wanted to do with them. Every time he started scraping them with his teeth, we’d just put them away. After a week, he was done. It doesn’t even occur to him to try it any more, to the point where I almost forgot to mention it here. Drool wipes off easily.

They are paperboard, so they are susceptible to some damage. But I prefer that they are lightweight instead of plastic or wood because my baby can throw! My husband actually sat on one of the blocks one day, but to our amazement, the block was just dented (see pic). We still get a lot of use out of our one deformed block, and actually, it’s one that our son gravitates towards because it’s different.


★★★★★ 5/5

These blocks are just the perfect toy. They are educational, stimulating, and creativity-inspiring, and have provided countless hours of fun for my little boy. They are my first cart-attack MUST-HAVE product and my first review because if I had to pick only one toy that we’d get our son, this one would be it. My advice to those of you waiting to put these in your cart: stop it! 🙂 Toss it in and your baby will THANK you…you know, once they can actually speak.


You can get these online from Amazon and

I am not affiliated with this company and was not compensated in any way for this review.


My husband had the idea for me to create this blog. And I’m so glad he did, because everything about it seems like a perfect fit. I love reading shopping blogs, I love product reviews, and I especially love sharing things that have made my life a little bit better. I get a little over-excited once I’ve found that perfect fill-in-the-blank and I can stop searching and wasting money finding it. That is what REALLY makes my heart cart skip a beat!

I’m married with a son, a mortgage, two cars, and a dog. I have a beautiful, happy family, and we kind of got to the point where we wanted our things to reflect that. I don’t want to come across as materialistic or superficial—the stuff isn’t what matters most, of course. It’s just that making good decisions with every penny we earn matters more to me than it used to. When it comes time to make a purchase, I want our money to go far. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m OLD now. Slowly I started shopping less for the lowest price, and more for quality things that wouldn’t break down, fall apart, dissolve into shreds, grow mold, or get ruined in the wash. (We finally threw out the TV that we found on a curb one day with the broken buttons, and have upgraded to a flat screen. Hooray!) I love things that do what they claim to do and hold up well. If you’re sick of things that don’t work or last, you are the reader for me. Let’s be besties!

I hope that you come away from my blog with some inspiring finds to add to your cart the next time you shop. If I can help you avoid the long wait in the returns line, I’ll be happy. And if I can keep you entertained in the process, I’ll be even happier.