my weekend (#3)

  1. working on weaning
  2. a walk in the park
  3. a little shopping

my weekend


  1. my neighborhood in the foothills of colorado: beautiful, chilly, sunny, wild
  2. this is my favorite recipe for muffins (double chocolate banana)—try it and share them with the people you love
  3. a random outing to kohl’s led me to the ultra-feminine lauren conrad bedding collection, on sale here (and with all 5-star ratings, btw)


My husband had the idea for me to create this blog. And I’m so glad he did, because everything about it seems like a perfect fit. I love reading shopping blogs, I love product reviews, and I especially love sharing things that have made my life a little bit better. I get a little over-excited once I’ve found that perfect fill-in-the-blank and I can stop searching and wasting money finding it. That is what REALLY makes my heart cart skip a beat!

I’m married with a son, a mortgage, two cars, and a dog. I have a beautiful, happy family, and we kind of got to the point where we wanted our things to reflect that. I don’t want to come across as materialistic or superficial—the stuff isn’t what matters most, of course. It’s just that making good decisions with every penny we earn matters more to me than it used to. When it comes time to make a purchase, I want our money to go far. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m OLD now. Slowly I started shopping less for the lowest price, and more for quality things that wouldn’t break down, fall apart, dissolve into shreds, grow mold, or get ruined in the wash. (We finally threw out the TV that we found on a curb one day with the broken buttons, and have upgraded to a flat screen. Hooray!) I love things that do what they claim to do and hold up well. If you’re sick of things that don’t work or last, you are the reader for me. Let’s be besties!

I hope that you come away from my blog with some inspiring finds to add to your cart the next time you shop. If I can help you avoid the long wait in the returns line, I’ll be happy. And if I can keep you entertained in the process, I’ll be even happier.